Steering Vs The Compeditor
Recently a shop called Desolate thought it would be in there favor to show some pics of one of our steering kits to show how close the driver
side tie-rod comes to the pitman arm. What Greg failed to mention is it was not installed by us
. We know that because the only installs we do are
on the vehicles we design and test off of.  
We when we do offer tie-rods we typically sell our tie-rods strait or will add minimal bend as a starting
point upon customer request.  It is up to the installer to add the necessary bends needed which is only a few degrees at best if you are bumping
the suspension metal to metal. Every truck will be different so its always best to offer them
strait for the installer to bend or with minimal bend as a
starting point.  When installed properly everything works as it should with plenty of clearance in every direction.
Its kind of weird that none of our
or installers have ever called or even emailed us about a problem like this.  Is that because they took our advise? Being cowards and
asking for advise elsewhere
before coming to us directly? Someone just throw it on without cycling it and adding bend? Did they actually run it
that way?  Or is this just an unfinished mock up Desolate decided to use to make us look bad? Either way
Desolate took it upon themselves to use an installers mistake simply just to try to make us look bad because they didn't get there way with us
back in 2015 Here is some info people really should know.  

The Truth, The Facts, The Whole Story
Threat Motorsports was the 1st company in the industry to bring a double swing steering system to the market. Back in 2015 Desolate ordered
two steering kits from us.
(See Receipt below) Upon pick up they came up short with the balance & basically expected to get it anyway because
he was already halfway to the shop and was unhappy about getting up early to pick up the kits. (We didn't tell him to he asked what time he could
come the night before and Dave told him anytime after 6:30..Some people like to get things done early so we gave him that opportunity. We never
said be there at 6:30).  He proceeded to tell Dave that he needed to trust him and he would just pay him the balance later. That didn't sit well with
Dave and why should it have? When we buy stuff people expect us to pay for it before leaving with it.  What makes them so special? Rather than
take the risk we refunded him his deposit and parted ways. A couple of weeks later they made there own double swing kit because they didn't get
there way with us. That want a shock though.  Dave saw it coming. Its similar but not a direct copy so life moves on.


They can play dirty but we will play fair
and back it up..How about some info that you will never ever here from Desolate? Since we know they
cant explain the geometry of there kit we will explain ours and theres for you.  

When building our steering system Dave came up with two options originating in 2009. 1st was Fast input steering (Requires ram assist), Then
followed a couple years later was slow input steering (No ram assist needed but can be added if you want it). A couple of years ago we phased
out the fast input steering kit and continued on with the slow input kit.. What differs ares is the Desolate kit requires ram assist because it is fast
input like our older version which was believed to be copied from an install of our kits prior to the release of there kit. We don
't have actual proof
that it was copied but the similarity's were there indefinitely.
For now that is just hear say. Could be true could be false. Not to many companies
offering double swing steering for Broncos or F-150s
though Just us and then Desolate followed. Always wondered why Desolate wanted to buy
ours when they were perfectly capable of making them on there own.  

That being said the initial design in our kit lay out played a huge roll on how you actually design the steering to work correctly. That goes for any
complex any steering set up. Here is just the basic run down of what separates the Threat Motorsports kit from the Desolate. For one the swinger
position/stagger and height position in relation to the beam pivots plays a huge factor. Basic common sense for someone who builds and designs
steering is to look at all aspects of the geometry needed to be successful.  When Dave designed the kit he designed it for the correct stagger,
height position and distance position to correspond to the beam pivot points as well as the radius arm pivot points (Yes those play a huge roll too
in relation to the distance). Only ONE of those basic key design points apply with the Desolate swinger locations or positioning. The only thing
they got somewhat right was the distance which is most likely by chance not on purpose.  Because there stagger is off you will notice that the
driverside tie-rod has a huge bend in it. Why? Well they did that to clear the swinger at full steer to the left thats why. Had the swinger been
positioned correctly it would have dramatically reduced the bend and more importantly the bump steer. Another key feature they did was drop the
swinger down WAY below the beam pivot height. Why? Well they did it no other then to gain clearance so that the tie rod doesn't hit the pitman
arm at full bump. So in the end you get a very nice looking double swing kit with poor geometry
, just so the tie rods can clear and to top it off you
have to run ram assist.
 Unlike ours it just was not thought out well. It was based on clearance rather then the geometry needed to get the job
done right. Not surprising though since they sell sway bar kits for leaf springs that only cycle 17" of travel with a fairly high spring rate.
   We invite
Greg to explain his steering geometry and how he claims
his it is better then ours. Been waiting for that answer for almost 3 years now so maybe
now he will respond or maybe he will just continue dodging the question?
Desolate Steering with a Threat Motorsports Beam kit
they purchased.
Green dotted lines show where the tie-rod pivot point
should be in relation to the beam pivot.  Very Similar to
our older V-1 Kit but lower