Double Swing Crossover Steering Basic
Installation Instructions
***This is just a basic rundown to help guide you through with the install**

-Re-route or relocate PS lines off front of engine cross member

-Mock up swinger bracket onto face of engine cross member then tack weld in place (If you have the weld on
swinger mount you can cut out the "square bump" on the face of the cross member or cut out a notch on the
bracket itself so that it fits around the square bump. (Newer version comes pre-notched. You will only have
to cut out a small portion of the bump on the engine cross member)

-Trim about 1/2  to 3/4 of the bent lip off on the front of the engine cross member (VERY IMPORTANT)

-Install swinger (Note: Swinger opening facing passenger side) and make sure it swings without any

-Assemble the tab kit for the passenger side swinger in this order
(Long Tab, swinger, short tab) Note: Swinger opening towards driver side

-Now its time to find your mounting location

-From the front corner of the engine cross member lip next to the frame rail on the passenger side measure
3 1/2" forward towards the front of the truck and mark the frame with a sharpie, then draw a vertical line on
the inside of the frame rail.

-Now you can mock the tabs with the swinger attached onto the frame.

-Line the short tab up with your 3 1/2" mark making sure that the swinger is vertical . Mount the tabs up as
high as possible to the top of the frame (Note: The longer tab closest to the front of the truck will be the one
that mounts up to its highest point), then tack weld the tabs into place

-Tack weld top & bottom gussets in between the tabs (Some applications require trimming to fit)

- Build your pitman arm (Custom pitman arm is available at extra cost)