Threat Motorsports Company Policy
(Our policy is subject to change at anytime without notice)

Everything is built to order. Once you place your order
you are committed to it. If you are not going to commit
DON'T ORDER its that simple! We do our part so its your
responsibility to do yours.

Deposits are non refundable NO exceptions!

Refunds on non threat products at retail price are
subject to a 25% restocking fee.
Custom one off parts or Threat Motorsports products
ordered at discount/Sale prices or are NON
REFUNDABLE. Deposits are non refundable NO

we/you agree to a payments they MUST be paid
weekly, bi weekly or monthly. If you
fail to make
on those terms you will LOOSE your deposit &
prior payments or you WILL be penalized 20% on top
of the  purchase price NO EXCEPTION!
If you dont like
these terms then dont do the payment plan.

All products sold By Threat Motorsports are taxable if
sold and/or picked up in California..Its the law! All
Threat Motorsports products are for offroad use only,
and must be installed by a professional. We are not
responsible for any injuries, death, or damages that
could occur.

Shipping & handling is done though Threat Motorsports
ONLY. We do NOT & will NOT ship using shop/outside

D-44 Cores or D-44 Core exchange is REQUIRED on all
D-44 TTB kits/beams, or we can supply them for $365.00

D-35 & D-28 cores must be brought to us in advance, We
do not stock D-35 or D-28 cores. Your cores are what we
will modify. It is your responsibility to inspect them
prior to delivering or shipping them to us. We fixture our
extended beams from the 3rd member to the beam ends
where they are extended and/or C&T. If the beams are
bent between the pivot point and 3rd member there is no
way for us to know so be sure that the cores you supply
are not from a vehicle that has had front end damage.

Cores MUST be clean, strait, have good bushings & NO
cracks on the beams for us to use. You will be charged
$25.00 each for bushings not in new condition
If you need us to clean them for you chemical dip
cleaning is $100.00 & is a 1-2 week turn around time.

What many do not realize is that it much more time
consuming to remove welded metal then it is to weld it
on so to avoid a labor charge of $150.00 or more I highly
recommend locating a set of cores that have no extras
welded on to them. You will be contacted ahead of time
on an estimate cost to remove or if the cores are
considered  unusable